Narendra Yadav

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Memory Minus Me, 2010

Anonymous Pictures roughly from 1913 till 1970, Pasta Maker, Glasses, Kaleidoscope moving with motor, Wooden table and Variable Projection.

36 x 168 x 42 inches

As a teenager I remember burning some love letters in the backyard,when a friend of my father appeared on the scene, looked at me in a quizzical sort of a way before walking away with an enigmatic smile. In this age of txt msgs, I wonder if writing letters is any longer in vogue - but one certainly witnesses the digital urge to freeze memories as bits and bytes that get stored on flickr, Youtube, sleek laptops and hard-disks. Sometimes I wonder how a future generation will view these mountains of memoirs. Our feeble yet valiant attempts to deny transience seems like folly.
- Raja Mohanty

Individual mental apocalypses
happen around us every day.
A mechanical apparatus is used to capture it,
and emotionally wring us to realize it.
-Amer Jaleel