Narendra Yadav

l r 68 of 100 works

Awareness, 2010

Resin, Handy Cam and Motor mechanism

62 x 60 x 42 inches

and Naren said, let the world be provoked through an act of poetic creativity and so it was. Three headless parts were brought into conjunction and it became impossible to disregard this surveillant dog with a constantly moving hand with a camera where its neck ought to be. The distortion of form produced by the artistic device destabilizes the relationship between the perceiving subject and the object of perception, slowing down the act of perception, making it more difficult. It thus serves the poetic function of promoting seeing as opposed to recognizing something that is already familiar and known.
So what do you feel when you come under the watchful gaze of an object that subver ts the obviousness and naturalness of a classic toy, that is as compelling as the chance encounter between a microwave, a lipstick and wild strawberries on a dissecting table? Do you move in or out of its path? Under or over its gaze?
- Sonia