Narendra Yadav

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As Far As I Remember, 2010

Bicycle Dynamo, LED lights, Wood, Rubber, Mirror

83 x 42 x 62 inches

Have you ever caught yourself reciting a life anecdote in a bar with friends and noticed how the \'chawl\' you grew up in always sounds that much more ramshackle; how your ex-girlfriend\'s father was that much more of a tyrant and hard to please than in real life; and felt that warm glow of self-achievement and adulation that is probably the reason why people write such horribly egotistical things as biographies. Well I have, and I see myself mirrored.

Is invitation to look at the censored chapter in the history of the
individual subject - the unconscious. Is instigation to question the relationship between the rotation of the wheel and the emergence of the halo. Is inspiration to inquire within - is the halo obtained at the cost of symbolic castration worth the rotation?
- Sonia