Mathesis: dub, dub, dub

Avantika Bawa

November 3 to December 3, 2009

Preview: November 3, 2009

Location: Gallery Maskara

Mathesis: dub, dub, dub

Mathesis: dub, dub, dub, addresses the architecture of the gallery, its history as a warehouse and the geography of its surrounding areas. Using simple design principles and approaches; crates, bricks, debris, blue prints and projections are recontextualized in this unfamiliar territory, creating in the process a transformed experience of the gallery space. In this construction, the flawed is perfected and the familiar obscured, rendering an emergent and difficult communication to be examined and relearned.

My work as such, explores combinations of order and anti-monumentality, wholeness and fragmentation, containment and dispersal to create experiential spaces and interventions. This emerges, due in part, to my relationship to the legacy of Minimalism and its emphasis on reductive form, modularity and literal scale. These pieces reflect the regional, cultural and geographic influences of the time and space in which I am working. I define a new territory that allows for subtlety, anti-monumentality and unexpected levels of candor. Perhaps this comes from my ability to navigate the borders between sculpture and painting, reticence and ambition, Punjabi and English. - Avantika Bawa