My Lunatic Instinct

Narendra Yadav

April 2 to April 11, 2015

Preview: April 2, 2015

Location: Gallery Maskara

My Lunatic Instinct

I grew up viewing the same unforgettable images of the moon-landing as everyone else, but my desire to walk over the moon surface did not fade with age. As an artist and an ad man, I understand the impact-of-desire created by an image that has stayed with me for all these decades. I have often wondered about today’s media and the impression that it creates in our collective consciousness. Was Allen Ginsberg right when he said that - whoever controls the media, the images, controls the culture? My lunatic instinct is perhaps an irrational attempt to explore this paradigm.

By tracking a live moon and projecting it on the convex surface of the gallery floor, an experiential space is created over which the viewer can walk. Beneath the obvious poetry of the expression, lies a parallel space in which to explore the role of a constructed image in shaping our experience. The illuminated surface of the moon provokes meditation on the nature of representation, on what we really mean when we speak of a ‘live’ image, seeming to ask whether what we end up seeing, is a mirror of reality or an entirely new reality.

- Narendra Yadav