Pavlovs God

Narendra Yadav

February 27 to April 4, 2009

Preview: February 27, 2009

Location: Gallery Maskara

Pavlovs God

Narendra Yadav (re)directs the viewer to look at the obvious in delightful and satirical ways that never fails to surprise or to amuse. His object based works successfully straddle conceptual art, sculpture and installation.

In ‘Pavlov’s God’ the artist plays with what is probably the biggest concept of human conditioning. This is us as Pavlov’s dog. Conditioned to wait for divine intervention. A comment on our conditionings of centuries. Always responding from the past. Past beliefs, past rights, past wrongs - failing to acknowledge what is around us.

Every work from this show is making a comment on some of these conditionings. Looking at spirituality with less conditioned mind. Looking at traps that we get entangled in and in the process moving from certainty and justification. All this in reference to the world we are living in.

“The human mind is capable of simultaneously being logical and eternal life believing, Logic brings technology. Technology brings progress and in the process also puts a question mark on our beliefs…probably bringing us to a tipping point for the emergence of new spirituality, or is it the necessity of dropping it altogether?

Looking for an answer may be a wrong approach though there exists a corner in every human brain, which desperately wants to believe in eternal continuity. My works are taking a look at some of the resultant situations…” Narendra Yadav