Tetanus Midas

Priyanka Choudhary

September 30 to November 18, 2011

Preview: September 29, 2011

Location: Gallery Maskara

Tetanus Midas

Priyanka Choudhary, in her second solo show at Gallery Maskara, is presenting four site-specific sculptural installations. Through these works the artist aims to transform the sensory experience of physical space into a psychological arena. She invites us to examine the process of destruction that follows the process of giving birth. 

“A nail bleeds to rust. A brick breaks to dust. The glass bottle is not absolute; it is fragile and must shatter to a state of greater perfection. My art is in the disruption of silence, destruction of beauty, desecration of form, decay of craft and in disintegration to death.”

“My sculptures/installations are replete with brick, dust, rusty nails, shards of glass and chunks of concrete. There is a spontaneous violence that imposes my personal anxiety onto my work, which seems to stiffen like a muscular spasm. A symptom of Tetanus.”

“I find the juxtaposition of concrete and sharp glass very intriguing. One's firmness against the fragility of the other. The anxiety of a normal conversation on a normal day. Like living in the larynx. Sitting on a tongue. Caught behind coarse lips. Between the mandibles.”

-Priyanka Choudhary